Instadapp Bounties for EthIndia Online: Chain Runner Hackathon

Thrilok Kumar
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We love hacks! More so, because Instadapp was a hack born out of ETHIndia. We are super excited to participate in the upcoming ETHIndia Chain Runner Hackathon starting on the 22nd of May.

We will be opening up our smart contract level APIs to developers giving our underlying infrastructure to create powerful use-cases that we are building at Instadapp.

Launched recently, a new foundation "DeFi Smart Account" for developers to build powerful use-cases without the need to write new smart contracts, with just standard Javascript code. On top of it, our SDK makes it super easy to execute calls to the blockchain. We encourage developers to BUIDL on DSA and win bounties.

With the help of DSA, you can build on top of MakerDAO, Compound, Kyber, dYdX, Oasis, Curve, 1inch and Aave! That is being able to create and build use-cases and dapps on top of 8 different protocols without having to code in solidity.

Our support to the devs building on top of DSA isn’t just restricted to the hackathon. Even after the hackathon, we are very determined to assist developers in brainstorming ideas and go-to-market launch strategies (like we did with Instadapp).

We are giving away up-to $3000 worth of bounties to hackers, come BUIDL on us.

The following are a few ideas that you should consider going through once.

Idea 1 - Recipe Maker

Build a Dapp to customize transactions.

This could allow users create their own strategies, pick and build a combination of different protocols into a single transaction. Basically, allowing users to customize their own transactions. With the help of DSA, you have a wide range of protocols to add for your users to choose.

Check out our list of Protocol Connectors you could add!

Idea 2 - DeFi Bot

Build a bot using DSA SDK.

You could build a feature to automate DeFi assets to save users from liquidation or to leverage it. Or buy/sell ETH whenever it reaches a specific support and resistance price.

Check out our use-cases for bot ideas!

Idea 3 - Authority

Build a manager dashboard.

DSA platform allows you to add multiple authorities; with this, you can have different roles like guardian, managers, stackers where you can delegate few tasks to others to manage user's assets with permissioned access to DSA.

Check Authority on our docs.

Idea 4 - Flash Loan

DSA has an in-built liquidity pool to access the flash loan, build a cool feature using flash loans like bridging the positions between Maker, Compound & DyDx.

Check our use-cases for bridging ideas.

Idea 5 - DSA Explorer

Make an explorer to instantly search of Smart Accounts, and view their transactions that would explain their positions on Compound, MakerDAO, dYdX etc. An explorer like Makerscan but for Smart Accounts.

Idea 6 - You name it.

If you have ideas that you would want to build, feel free to work on it! We would love to see hackers innovate and come up with exciting ideas.

Head on to our docs and start building!


Basic Intro to DSA:

Developer docs:


We can’t wait to see what you will #BUIDL on DSA. We are completely active in hearing all of your queries. Our team will also be fully active in the ETHIndia Discord channel. Join our Developers Telegram or reach us out on Discord, Twitter or email to brainstorm ideas and discuss more about the hack.

Happy Hacking 👩‍💻👨‍💻

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